This is mainly aimed at the TV stations and the way the media is handling information. This is war.

Who’s side are you on? The terrorist’s or the USA?

You (the news media) are AMPLIFYING the terror. Stop it. By giving the enemy radio and TV air-time, you allowed the enemy in the US to start attacking, as instructed by Asama in the next few days, and the next thing you know, anthrax is on the move. As I listen to the news I hear in a loud and excited voice “ANOTHER ANTHRAX VICTUM ………” I think people need to have something tangable to think about instead of “general threats”, like for instance, “the possibility of you (or me) as an individual of being bombed or poisoned is a thousand to one less probable than dieing from a car accident”. I think the US citizens can visualize this. People are dieing from auto wrecks every day and that doesn’t stop Americans from driving their cars. A “general threat” makes people feel terror around every corner, constantly looking over their shoulder, and at each other.

The news media is also telling the enemy that they need to make their anthrax spores smaller so they stay airborne longer and two days later the smaller spores showed up ……… start spreading smallpox and putting salmanella in our food. ……….WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??? Who’s side are you on??? I hear you tell them that our L.A. ports can NOT inspect all the containers coming into the US and a bomb could easily be planted in one of them. Do we really need to help them think of ideas to attack us?????

The US mail needs better tracking methods. We should be able to know which mailbox the letter came from, or if it is sent from a street corner post box. The time and date should be immediately stamped on it. MAYBE STREET CORNER MAIL BOXES SHOULD BE TEMPORARILY SHUT DOWN AND LOCKED UP to eliminate some of the unknown sources, forcing people to go to the post office (and have their pictures taken) or send it from their homes. Maybe radio frequency sensors should be placed inside street corner mail boxes and mail trucks to detect certain substances to immediately notifiy the police.

We need to BOMBARD the Arab countries with MORE WORDS and LESS KILLING. We need to do it NOW, not next week or next month …. NOW. More and more people are hating us. More and more people think that WE ARE THE EVIL ONES and ASAMA IS A SAINT. His words should be radio frequency JAMMED or somehow eliminated.

We need to give GANG members in the US an alternative purpose in life. We need to give them a way out of. Gang members may be in fear of being killed if they try to leave their gangs. The Army or Marines could advertize on TV, “GANG MEMBERS, we want you to help fight the enemy not U.S.”. We need to get them off our streets and allow them to vent their anger on the enemy, teach them some skills, and give them another purpose in life. Another special forces group called “GANG FORCE”.

One thing I heard Asama and his buddies saying is that they (the Muslim extreemists) need to KILL the sinners (Christians and Jews) in Europe and the US. We have acepted immoral lifestyles into our culture. Homosexuality and other perverted acts used to be outlawed in the United States and now this is accepted by US laws. Every religion in the world states that GOD considers homosexuality as a major sin. Even tho I believe that separation of church and state is (good) for freedom of religion, we don’t have to allow the wicked or evil ones control to our laws. “One Nation Under GOD”. So what if thousands of homosexuals band together and refuse to vote for a president, or lobby for laws …… THIS IS WAR….. We need a MAJOR UPLIFT OF OUR MORAL VALUES, not religion. The laws should define morality. And what devil worshipers? That doesn’t sound like something we should support.

I am only one person. I have a small computer company and could offer some of my services to HACK into the enemy’s web sites and email. I am not a hacker personally but would love to hire one and do my part to help fight this war. I want to be involved by using my skills. I would like to be an informant for the FBI or CIA and use my computer and internet skills. We need to fight this war from EVERY ANGLE, then we will succeed.

Please help me find a way to get involved. I have sent email to all the local TV stations and made phone calls to some of them. I called the US Post Office and the FBI. I have NOT received a response from anyone. PLEASE RESPOND. I am serious and I need to talk to somebody. News media, News Papers, Army, Marines, FBI, CIA ……… SOMEBODY HELP ME GET INVOLVED ……