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Illegal immigration solved
Do not support illegal behavior by giving amnesty. If I break the law I expect to be prosecuted, not rewarded. It isn't fair to the legal immigrants that have spent many years going thru the system. Give back our jobs to Americans like carpenters, plumbers, carpet layers, gardeners etc. who's wages have been devalued by illegal immigrants.

Take away the benefits to illegal immigrants and you take away their reason to break our laws to come here. No welfare. No food stamps. No free schools. No free hospitals. Babies born to illegal immigrants should be classified illegal aliens. Fine employers who hire illegal immigrants. Have a method that employers can check the status of potential employees. Build a fence and put 30,000 National Guard on the borders.The problem is solved without deporting or arresting a single person. Legal immigration is an important part of our society and needs to be enforced.

Islam is demonstrating it's peaceful nature, again
Recent violent world-wide protests by Muslims erupted over the publication of cartoons of Mohammad. They want to kill the Pope for speaking about the words of the 14th-century Byzantine emperor Manuel II: "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." If Islam is a religion of peace I would think that you would hear the echoes from mosques around the world condemning the violence, bombings and bloodshed being done in the name of Islam.

Most Islamic countries have Sharia law and will sentence you to death if you convert to Christianity. Imagine what would happen if all the Muslim inhabitants of the United States decided that NOW IS THE TIME TO ATTACK after they have increased their population to a certain point sufficient to support their cause. Islam must condemn and turn in their fellow Muslims with deadly militant intentions or face reduced status in the United States. This is a predominately Christian nation built on very tolerant ideals and Islam is demonstrating their intolerance by not acting. They are immigrating into our country and not assimilating into our society. They are showing their true intentions by allowing their fellow Muslims to plot and kill in some of their mosques.

Christian governments have had violence in the past. The Spanish Catholics forced native Americans to convert or die is one example. This should never be allowed by anyone or any government, but Islam seems to be stuck in the past. Islam needs to join the 21st century and give up it's conquest for domination or be shut out.

Evolution vs Intelligent Design
I find it very hard to believe that life started by accident or chance, but just imagine that it did. A lightning bolt stuck a pool of primordial ooze and wha-laa, MAGIC.... a one celled animal or plant was created. What did this first life form eat? If it was cannibalistic it would have destroyed all life on Earth. I guess it could have existed on eating dirt but that would require intelligence to know what to eat. It would have to know how to multiply or divide. It would need instructions on how to evolve into a higher life form. Where did it get this intelligence? Chance does not explain where the instructions came from. The most intelligent minds in the world can't figure out how to create life today. They only know how to modify it. The combination of the most intelligent scientists are not smart enough to create life, indicating that whatever or whoever created life must be supernaturally intelligent.

Homosexuals are at it again

If I re-define the word "triangle" to include shapes with 4 equal sides and 4 equal angles, have I changed what a triangle looks like? Have I changed anything about the triangle, other than it's definition? Of course not. What I have done is created a lie. No matter what I say or what rules I make up, the triange still has 3 sides and 3 angles. Let's take another example. If I change the meaning of the word "gay" to include homosexuals, does that mean that all homosexuals are happy and carefree? Again the answer is no. I've only added misinformation and confusion. I am a gay person but I'm not homosexual. Marriage is defined as the union between a man and a woman. If I take the word "marriage" and change the definition to include the union of 2 men or 2 women, marriage has not changed. I have only corrupted it's definition.

Most homosexuals are wonderful people, but a few of them are trying to shove their lifestyle down our throats by changing the laws of the land, changing the meaning of words and making it polically incorrect to speak against what these few homosexuals are trying to do, I don't want my son or daugher being taught in school about homosexuality.
I shouldn't fear retrobution because I voice my beliefs.

I think the governments should promote marriage, families and children, but it seems just the opposite is happening. If you look at the laws that have been created over the past 10 or 20 years, you would see the truth about the laws in California and elsewhere.

Corporations have taken over the United States
Drug companies, television networks, labor unions and others are lobbying the government and dictating the laws to benefit themselves becoming much too powerful. The late California governor Schwarzenegger tried to make the state of California better by giving control back to the people but the powerful unions poured out their lies to trick people into believing that he was the bad guy. TV news stories don't cover the ones they don't want you to see but only what they want you to know about. It's not lies but omission that distorts the truth.

The oil companies have banded together to form a monopoly and the government does nothing about it. I wonder why? Could it be because the oil companies lobby for certain laws to benefit themselves? Could it be because they pay off senators and congressmen with gifts and money? One thing is obvious. They all raise their prices in unison. The price goes up and down but mainly up. They are making profits more than ever before and continue to make more.

Pharmaceutical companies are selling their poisonous drugs in TV ads directly to the public bypassing the doctor's best intentions. They are not interested in helping the public but only in lining their pockets with money. Carrageenan sexual lubricants show promising benefits of anti-AIDS, anti-HERPES and anti-HPV
microbicides but because it is cheap to produce and not patentable, the profit margin is low. Even though it would probably help many millions of people in the world, money dictates that they are not interested.

Porn web site solution simplified
I think that some XXX rated web sites are pleasantly stimulating but it should be my choice if I want to look at it. I don't want it popping up because I accidentally misspelled the internet name. I don't want porn email cumming into my inbox. I don't want my son and daughter looking at it until they are old enough to make their own adult decisions. My suggestion is not new. All porn sites should be forced to use names ending with .XXX or .PORN or .SEX instead of the normal dot com or dot net. That way everybody will be happy, except the porn industry because they want your kids to accidentally view deviant sexual behavior and develop a taste for women (and men) with large fake breasts and perfect bodies.

I believe in the constitutional rights of even the most disgusting immoral garbage to have freedom of expression, but I also believe that we the people have a right to turn it off if we choose. The way the internet exists now, we don't have freedom of choice but the porn industry does. We need to speak out to our government and let them know or nothing will change.

If you agree or disagree with me, send me an email.